Members are encouraged to use this website and particularlly the Members' Pages to keep up-to-date with the Latest News and Rehearsal information.  We will always try to ensure that what has been covered in a particular rehearsal is noted so that anyone who was absent can catch up.  Similarly, links to Practice Aids will also be given to aid everyone's ability to make rehearsals as productive as possible.  So please, explore the site and if you have any ideas or photos that might enhance the site (copyright allowing) please email


Concert Attire

Female: The dress code for most concerts is a black top and longblack skirt/trousers with a turquoise scarf; at Christmas we replace the turquoise with a red scarf.

Male: For the men it is a dinner jacket and turquoise bow tie or at Christmas a red one.

Details from any Committee Member.


Scores - are provided, sometimes with a small hire charge, and details of the versions will be on the Rehearsals and Practice Aids pages for those who wish to source them individually.  Any problems please see the Librarian.


Black Folders - are ususally required for Concerts for uniformity and to keep loose scores in a manageable state.  Details from any Committee Member.


Subscription - is currently £80 for two terms/concerts (Summer term pay-as-you-go). It is waived for students.  Anyone who has difficulty paying it should talk to the Treasurer. Gift-Aid - if you are a tax-payer please consider signing up to this as it generates welcome income for Cantorion.  Please see the Treasurer for further details.­