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As of 12 March rehearsals have been cancelled and the Spring Concert postponed.  Rehearsals are planned to resume in September 2020.  We will keep members informed of any developments.  We plan to perform our March 2020 programme on 28 November and move the Messiah to Easter 2021.  We will update this site and all members when we have full details available and confirm all dates.



We have opportunities on the Committee for anyone keen to see Cantorion thrive and continue.  Interested?  Then speak to Martha or Sue for details.  Publicity is not the only area that we are keen to fill (see below) so if you have any questions please get in touch


 PUBLICITY - we need a TEAM­

There were no volunteers for Publicity Officer but as this is such a key role in helping ensure that we have the audiences we desire our Chair, Martha, will be considering options!.. and approaching members directly.


This is the sort of role that could easily be shared amongst a Team - not all of whom need be Committee Members - but who can breakdown the work in to manageable chunks.  SO PLEASE, if you think you could help in any way eg designing posters or programmes, writing pieces for the local paper, setting up distribution lists for posters and flyers or helping ensure that those posters are prominent in the local area then please contact Martha or Sue. 


Does anyone Tweet or use Facebook?  Would you be willing to spread the word about Cantorion and its music throughout the year?  We just need someone (or two) to use social media to give their thoughts on how rehearsals are going and what we are planning etc - not just ticket and concert info.  If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch at


Rehearsals ....

There are some links and information on the Practoce Aids page and the web is a great source for performance videos, so spend a little time and explore!


If you have missed a rehearsal please take the opportunity to check out what you missed so that you are prepared for our next rehearsal. 


And don't forget that there are Practice Aids available for the March Concert music (links below) which really do help as individuals for the bits we are struggling with and for the whole choir in speeding up our learning allowing our Conductor more time to finesse our performance.


The two main pieces for the Postponed Spring 2020 Concert to be performed November 2020 are:


  • Faure's Requiem - score OUP, editor Rutter; copies available for hire to members at £3 or to buy at £7
  • Schubert's Mass in G - score Novello; available to members at no charge

Links to performances and Aids to learning are available so please visit Practice Aids


This is the link to the Rehearsal Schedule




Carol Singing at Care Homes

A Great Big Thank You to all those who participated in the events arranged by Derek and ably led by Hilary on Thursday December 5th: at Builth (Brynhyfryd)):  5.30-6pm and Llandod (Wylesfield) 6.30-7.00pm

The mince pies and liquid refreshments (including sherry) were very welcome and a good time was had by all!  A warm-up was definitely not needed at the subsequent choir rehearsal.  Well done everyone.



The AGM held on Thursday, 24 October resulted in:

The re-election of all the previous Committee Members apart from Gill Clay who has decided to step down as Secretary and from the Committee.  Many thanks to Gill for all her hard work on behalf of Cantorion and a big welcome to one of our newest members, Sue Ryan, who is taking over the role.  Sue can be contacted at: